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Welcome to RISE Fatigue Design Tool


This site contains material for your fatigue design process.

  • Material and component tests can be ordered by contacting the RISE department for mechanical tests.

  • Test results can be uploaded an analyzed with respect to fatigue models including statistical aspects.

  • The results can be combined with your former knowledge to make safe designs.

  • The theory behind the tools can be studied in the given references.


Design Tool

To get access to the Design Tool you need a username and a password to be able to login to the site. To receive a username and a password you have to e-mail par.johannesson@ri.se with the following information, Name, Company, Phone and Email address. After that you will receive your username and password within a few days.

The calculation tool is free of use. It is run on a server maintained by RISE in Borås, Sweden and has thus a limited capacity in case of many simultaneous users.


This site is a research platform under continuous development. Please give us your comments by sending an email!


Design Tool

Login to the Design Tool with your username and password.



(200404) Course in load analysis:

RISE Mekanik inbjuser till tvådagarskurs i lastanalys för utmattning den 11-12 november 2020 i Borås. Mer information: Lastanalys för utmattning

(170905) New course added:

Welcome to UTMIS Autumn Course 2017: Statistical aspects on fatigue testing, modelling and design by Dr Thomas Svensson. The event will take place at Karlstad University October 3-4 2017. More info here

(150622) New server:

RISE Fatigue Design Tool has moved to a new server. In this process all uploaded user data had to be deleted. Please give us your feedback if anything is not working properly.

(131003) Rain flow tool updated:

The result from the rain flow filtering is now illustrated also by a range diagram and a level crossing diagram. The counted ranges can now also be downloaded.

(120613) A new book available from November 2013:


New feature: prior knowledge

The tools for the Wöhler curve and the spectrum Wöhler curve are supplemented with a possibility to include prior knowledge about the coefficient of variation of fatigue life

(111216) New course added

Planering och utvärdering av utmattningsprovning

(111209) New file structure

Prior knowledge about the Wöhler slope can now be included in the Spectrum evaluation

(111014) New feature: Load analysis

Each user has now an own storage area, giving opportunities to re-load former stored files

New feature: Load analysis

A time history can be analysed by means of its Rain Flow Count properties (111002)

New handling of runouts:

Runouts can be included for different maximum number of cycles (110809)

New feature:

Calculate the spectrum fatigue curve (110629)


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